Social Equality Essay

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Social Equality Synthesis of American History and Today
The development of America as a nation was largely influenced by several key points in its history that gave rise to a country that is continuously struggling with social equality. First, the consolidation of the United States Constitution, in 1786, failed to legalize slavery, which contentiously allowed slavery to continue, dehumanizing blacks to lower positions in America’s social hierarchy. Next, the changing dynamics of social roles redefined the traditional male and female societal responsibilities and obligations that generated a divide of gender issues. The issue prompted a surge of feminist activists that sought for gender equality that is still being debated today. Finally, in a current and contemporary example, President Trump’s aggressive stance on immigration has forced many immigrants to be fearful of their current status in the country. This issues has been severely centered around race, which has been the core issue and debate with President Trump, Democrats, and the nation. From the 17th century to the 21st century, the United States debated and still debates social equality and what it means to be citizen and a member of society that was reflective through the degradation of slaves and blacks, women rights and their elevated roles in society, racial injustice of African Americans, and the immigration system of contemporary America. The founding of America was driven on economic prosperity and
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