Social Exchange Theory And Systems Theory In Nursing Home

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Within the nursing home community that I belong to, there are two macro HBSW theories that explain how it functions. The social exchange theory and the systems theory are great examples on how the social workers in nursing home facilitate. Systems theory suggests that each representative of the family should not viewed individually; evaluating the relationships among the family members could explain an individual’s behavior due to the family’s social situation (Greene, 1999).
During my internship at a nursing home as social workers, we use the systems theory a lot. Sometimes families come in to visit their family member that is living in the nursing and once the family leaves the social workers notice that the resident is now acting different.
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Social exchange theory suggests that there are a series of behaviors and responses that are resulted due to the interactions between and among the individuals (Kirst-Ashman, 2014). This is also another way that the facility functions because as stated above, the social workers are in charge of making sure that the interactions between the family member and the resident does not leave a negative impact on the resident once the family member leaves the facility. Certain interactions that the family member has with the resident could lead into a series of behaviors and responses, either negative or positive. A negative response or behavior would be that the resident is isolating him or herself from everyone, not eating, not attending recreational activities, not showering, or not socializing with others. A positive response from the resident would be that they are now in a better mood; they are attending recreational activities, socializing, eating more, and looking forward to their next family visit. As a social worker at the nursing home our job is to make sure that the resident is enjoying their stay in the facility and that they are not being mistreated or
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