Social Exchange Theory Paper

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Quite a few years back, my friend Bryan and I discovered that we had a crush on the same girl. We both come from very different social and power backgrounds, and the conflict that transpired was that we were both undoubtedly dating the same girl who was an opportunist.

My friend Bryan and I had never been in a situation like this one before. We had always promised each other that nothing or no one would ever interfere with our friendship. Well this particular school year everything was about to change. We started the year off great, playing football, and looking forward to our big homecoming dance. This is when we would meet the girl that would almost destroy our friendship. We all met up at a mutual friend’s house who was throwing an after party bash.
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Once that it was clear that Felicia was only after him to acquire expensive possessions, it became apparent that money was all she was after. She was driven by what someone else could give her instead of how she connected emotionally with someone. I believe that this is a reflection of the social exchange theory. Had she pursued my friend based on an emotional connection instead of what she would gain, their relationship might have worked out. Instead, the bases of her relational decision making, was her reaping the greatest benefit with little cost to her. However, if the uncertainty reduction theory would have been implemented in this situation, I feel like we would’ve been able to avoid this whole mess and my friend getting hurt. He would have been able to gather and attain more information about her before rushing into a relationship. Thus, increasing his ability to predict her intentions and behavior By applying this theory he would’ve decreased any uncertainty and be able to examine the relationships likelihood
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