Social Exclusion Of Immigrants

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I remember sitting in first period the morning of September 11, 2011. The principle came on the intercom urging all teachers to direct their attention to the world news, because the president of the United States had an address for the nation, concerning the current terrorist attack. At that time, I was in the 8th grade, thus, I did not fully comprehend the influence this attack would have on the country. This event altered the way society perceived security and immigration. In fact, foreign people are scrutinized more today, than before 9/11. They are seen as a threat and due to this notion, immigrants are at a disadvantage. Some reports linked high crime rates with the increase in immigration (Buceruis, 2010). In the article, “Fostering Academic Opportunities to Counteract Social Exclusion,” Buceruis (2010) discussed the correlation among crime and immigration, and policies to reduce exclusion of immigrants.…show more content…
Hence, excluding immigrants influences them to engage in illegal activities, which will force them away from the formal economy. Moreover, recent studies contradict people’s prospective, linking high crime rates to immigration. Studies found that first generation immigrants’ crime rates are lowering than second generation (native born). But, crime rates for second generation are about the same level as their national counterparts, with it being lower in the United States. Second generation feel the exclusion, and it effects the youth, more so than their parents, who fled from another county for a better
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