Social Expectations In The Falling Woman

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Society’s Control Over Individuals Beauty is determined by society and their standards. Women are expected to be skinny, pretty and a size two which puts a lot of pressure on women. The pressures of society persuade women to go through extreme measures to fit in with society standards. This is evident in the short story “The Falling girl” and “They’re Not Your Husband” as the main characters are impacted by social expectations, insecurity and peer pressure. Social expectations is a significant component in people’s lives, to the point where people become obsessive over materialistic aspects in life. These expectations creates normality for individuals and essentially tell individuals how they should behave. There are different social expectations that are induced for the upper class and the lower class, otherwise known as social status. The two protagonist Marta from “The Falling Girl” and Earl from “They’re Not Your Husband” undergo challenges that they face regarding social expectations and social status, which in turn shows the similarities between the two short stories. Marta was identified as someone of lower class, she had dreams and ambitions of being a part of an elite society. Despite all her aspirations in life, she knew that she would never obtain this lifestyle, which ultimately lead downfall as she wanted to be a part of society. Marta from “The Falling Girl” was influenced by the materialistic aspects in life that she failed to realize she had so much time to
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