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There was once a excerpt where Mao Zedong stated, “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery. During my crusades I've formulated multiple observations in correlations to Americans of Moorish descent's habitual behavior in result of having the freedom to express themselves through fashion. The American society's failure to be highly competitive on a global scale(Literacy rate). Throughout my social experiment multiple discoveries have been made involving people of color in the actual effectiveness of fashion freedom (expression). Possible approaches that people of color can take into consideration for beneficial purposes include; considering taking alternating fashion approaches (formal),…show more content…
To illustrate, (California SU) Professor Abraham Rutchick reveals in 2015 various psychological studies he underwent which revealed how formal attire changes people's thought processes. “Putting on formal clothes makes people feel powerful, and changes the basic way we see the world”. Psycologist Rutchick and his colleagues found that wearing clothing that's more formal than usual makes people think more broadly and processing more readily than concrete processing. One social experiment which occurred was when subjects wore white lab coats and were viewed to have similar relations to a credible profession (ie; lab coat-doctor, physician, dentist, etc.). The spectators tended to be more attentive, than would be given to a profession of minor prominence. Kamron & Kari Riggins two middle schoolers of the Cascade Avenue community both made statements addressing their viewpoints of clothing's perception in society. “Job interviews are typically the most common procedure which requires a person of authority to evaluate and examine a possible candidate's appearance. Oftentimes employers disregard the…show more content…
For instance racial disparities tend to garner federal attention about schools catering fashion enforcements to one group more than another. In 2015, the Atlanta Public schools system enforced a plan which targeted a plan to improving several of the city's failing schools by consolidating them and bringing in charter operates. The Georgia governor alongside the school districts have pursued an change in a aggressive manner and also feels it is well-deserved. Uncooperative people oftentimes use excuses to astray from the point that revolutionary change is needed. For example, During the beginning of the school year; students in urban communities prepare by gathering their required school supplies. Oftentimes unfortunate students face hardships and lack the resources to purchase freely; the parents are then forced to make decisions which challenges their priorities. Ironically, the students parents manage to purchase high quality sneakers rather than utilizing their funds to provide their children with school necessities. The past example highlighted a few of the growing concerns in the minority communities; society may be slow to adjust because they have been conformed to norms over periods of time. However, the formal fashion reforms are bound to create unimaginable opportunities for minorities on a universal scale; while our generation strives continuously for success
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