Social Facts

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Social facts are described by Durkheim as the ways of acting feeling and thinking that are external but coercive of the individual. Social facts according to Durkheim are often linked to each other. There are interrelated and interdependent in their functions or how they work and affect society. There two types of social facts, namely, material social facts and non-material. Material social facts are social facts that are physical and less significant. They are things we see such as architecture and the laws of society and the state. Material social facts also include morphological components, which deals with population distribution in society. Dynamic density which is increase in population and an increase in interaction among them is…show more content…
Egoistic suicide is likely to occur in societies or groups in which individuals are not well integrated in to the group. The lack or low level of integration leads to a sense of meaningless among the individual, they do not have a feeling of belonging to the group. For example, Durkheim talked about “societal disintegration to currents of depression and disillusionment” this could cause people to commit suicide. Altruistic suicide is likely to occur when the individuals are over integrated into the group. Suicide bombers fall into this category. Anomic suicide refers to suicide which is likely to occur when the regulative powers of the society is disrupted or when the regulation in a group or society is low. For example, anomic suicide can occur when is an economic boom or depression. Fatalistic suicide is likely to occur when there is over regulation. An example is when a slave commits suicide because all his actions are regulated by his master. Durkheim also showed the function suicide plays in the society through his research. He found out that society of a certain type will show some level of deviance, whether suicide or some other form. However when the level of deviance is above normal it indicates a problem in the society or indicates that a pathology or abnormality exist in the society. In
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