Social Features Of Ants

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Ants are usually thin and skinny insects. They all have 3 pairs of legs and their bodies are

divided into three main part: head, abdomen and thorax. They are narrowly connected to their

abdomen and thorax. Their antennae are bent in the middle and have chewing mouthparts. The

mouth is an essential working tool for almost every ant. It consists of two sets of jaws: the outer

two, used for carrying food and building the nest and the inner one is used for chewing. Adult

ants are able to swallow only liquids. In the back of the jaw there is a storage packet which

converts solid food into liquid by breaking it down with its strong saliva. They swallow the liquid

part whereas spits out the liquid one. Ants do not have lungs but breathe instead through small

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Ants are known as social insects, living in large colonies altogether. The colony is specifically

divided into certain castes or classes: queens (reproductive females), males and workers. There

are way differences between social structures among ant colonies, nonetheless they share few

common basic features. They reside in a community being dependant on one another. They

work as a whole starting from feeding and protecting one another to raising and caring their

young ones. Each member of the community is assigned with specific jobs, from laying eggs to

gathering food to fighting. For these ants, colony life centers around the nest which can be

underground, a mound or even at the treetops. An ant colony is the busiest and crowded place.
Like many other social insects, ants do have three classes: queen ants, worker ants and male

ants. A queen is a vital member of the colony but does not rule the colony. Her only job is to lay

eggs in absence of which the colony would die out. The reason behind this is that only queens

can reproduce. A colony may have one or several queens. For example; a European wood
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