Social Feminism : A Recognition Of The Different Degrees Of Social Power

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Iraseth Cruz Mrs. Kehrmeyer AP English, Period 1 9 November 2015 Social Feminism From the early 19th century, feminists and authors such as Donald Hall, have viewed feminism as “a recognition of the different degrees of social power that are granted to and exercised by women and men” (199). For several years, society has given both men and women control over their little kingdoms meaning that women ruled at home while men ruled over the world. This inequity inspired all feminists to embrace the general idea of feminism which refers to the belief that men and women deserve equality in all aspects of society. Feminists fought to ample the opportunities and resources given to women because the male gender primarily had the power in their hands. Men received power each day because it was thought that they were the strongest gender to enlarge the world’s economy and government; thus, taking advantage of their strength and keeping women under their control, also known as “social feminism.” Two well known authors who were advocates of the feminist movement are Charlotte Perkins Gilman the writer of “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Kate Chopin the writer of The Awakening and “The Story of an Hour.” Each of these stories reflect upon every woman 's life while being chained to their husbands. Throughout these stories, women desired for freedom because they were constantly oppressed by their men for being women. They stood up for what they believed and thanks to people like these, the world

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