Social Forces Of The Holocaust

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There are many social forces that affect any society. However, there may be more prominent social forces in a society, or country that has experienced a traumatic event that effected their entire country or society. Germany is a major example of a country that went through an incredibly traumatic event. The Holocaust is the traumatic event that hit Germany beginning in the 1930’s. The Holocaust was a period in time from 1933 to 1945, in which Jews experienced discrimination. Out of nine million Jews that were living in Germany, over half of them were killed in the Holocaust. All the Jews that were killed were killed because of prejudice and discrimination against them. An event as traumatic and massive as the Holocaust has no choice but to affect the country of Germany. Reiner and his mother’s views are extremely different. Reiner and his mother disagree about the fact that Germany should rid itself of racism. Reiner believes that since his generation wasn’t involved in the racism that existed during the time of “Nazi Germany”, that his generation should not have to work to fix a problem that they did not cause. His views are affected in different ways than his mothers. Reiner’s views are being impacted by the fact that the jobs of him and his friends are being taken away, and given to foreigners. However, Reiner’s mother’s views are still based on what she knew in her generation. Reiner’s mother is still basing her views on the fact that her husband, Reiner’s father,…
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