Social Forces in to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Everyone in the world has their own identity; have you ever thought about what your identity is? Identity plays a big role in the world especially in America where not all identities are good. People might identify a wealthy person as “snotty rich” or a poor person as “defective” or maybe someone calls a man a woman when they're really a man. Or maybe you call someone a terrorist just because they are middle eastern. The list goes on and on and thats why social forces influence identities and can become dangerous. Gender, race, and social class are all forms of social forces. Race is everywhere in the world. But people need to understand that race isn’t color. Anyone can have color; people can be a Hispanic and have very dark skin and still be referred to as a black person. Race is culture and culture is everywhere. It disgusting how we can't get along with each other and we’re in the 21st century. In the race forum at John Hersey High school (Janu, Bruce) it was said that there’s still a lot of racism going on in the world to this date. He gave the example of many lynchings in Texas. In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” Scouts dad is called a “nigger-lover” (Lee Chapter 9) and the only reason he is called a “nigger-lover” is because he is a lawyer and he helps anyone out when they are in trouble. Another example in the “To Any Would-Be Terrorists” (Nye n.p) article says that when the word “terrorist” is said, people automatically think its referring to the middle east or
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