Social Gathering Processing Analysis

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In a typical card game, one would be sitting around a table with multiple individuals, looking around the room everyone is on edge, the senses have heightened, and each person hoping to become victorious. However, during a typical visitation, guests and friends remain light-hearted, sharing stories, laughter, and a meal. A look into the intricate processes that a typical card game and social gathering demand from the brain is certainly the most intriguing part of the night.
During the evening, the hypothalamus regulates one's emotions; excitement anxiousness fill the group of friends. As they greet each other, the Broca's area helps the friends smoothly converse and form the correct words. While greeting one another and for the duration of the night, the occipital lobes will provide everyone with a
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After the first wave of excitement, the friends mention and ask about the pizza and drinks when the hypothalamus reminds each of them of being hungry and thirsty, serving as the ultimate regulator. As the friends start to laugh and share stories, the hypothalamus will regulate everyones body temperature and keep them from becoming overheated. The hippocampus remembers to alert you to ask about your friend's sick grandmother, and retains the information she shares with you. Following the filling dinner, the group of friends gather around the table for the card game. The hippocampus has allowed for each of the individuals to gain a certain amount of knowledge about the game, especially if they have played before, because of its role in learning. As the card game continues and everyone starts to gain an idea in who may win, some of the friends falling behind may start to feel angry or irritated due to their hypothalamus. The hippocampus might have been the reason one of your friends were certain you were bluffing, even if they were mistaken,
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