Social Group Analysis

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To set a clear picture of what is a group, one must know the definition of the word. The book states that a group consists of two or more people who constantly interact and have a sense of emotional tie to the group. A person using social media can belong to a group that shares similar likes and follows the same celebrities. Individuals can create a threadlike option that allows them to add other people and they share pictures from that specific app. This can help people develop an emotional tie with the people within that group. If people do not share a sense of identity, but are together at the same time, this is called an aggregate. A category is considered when a group of people share a similar characteristic but have, again, no emotional…show more content…
A primary group gives you a sense of self, and that is why a good example of a primary group is one’s family. Our family helped shape us as that is why we feel a sense of belonging. These relationships tend to be long lasting because they are a crucial part of our socialization. In other words, the people who make up our primary groups tend to have the most influence in shaping who we are. Secondary groups are more impersonal and are made up of a larger number of individuals. Some examples would be a student in a college class with other students. Secondary groups focus more on the instrumental function which means that the group is more task oriented. However, a secondary group can turn into a primary group if the student develops a closer friendship with someone from his or her college class. Once they have a strong tie, meaning that they both influence each other, then it can be said that a secondary group broke down into a primary group. Once again, as the book states, primary groups focus on expressive functions. Expressive function serves emotional…show more content…
These reference groups guide our behavior by showing us social norms. This is why most people tend to act differently when they surround themselves with various groups. Since we are constantly looking for approval, we look up and try to mock other people’s behavior. Many of us think that since the group accepted that individual we look up to, well they most likely will accept me if I behave the same way. There are in and out groups that can also explain this behavior. In-groups are made up of people who feel like that group is an essential part of who they are. On the other hand, an out-group is when an individual does not feel like they belong; he or she may feel like an outsider. Members from an in-group can exclude other members in order to make it seem more prestiges. People often act like something they are not just to be accepted into that
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