Social Group Community Analysis

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The human need to belong is so deeply ingrained that we create groups not just for survival but also for support, happiness, and advancement. For the majority of individuals the support provided by family and social groups fulfills the need to belong and provides positive influences with very little disruption within communities. But for many others, particularly juveniles with antisocial attitudes, becoming involved with a gang fulfills the need to belong. Just as with other types of social groups, “[g]angs form under incentives derived from the direct and indirect costs and benefits of gang membership”(Dnes & Garoupa, 2010, p.526).
In general, gang activity is classified into four categories: Social, Party, Serious delinquent and Organized
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Through early screening at schools, students can be evaluated for natural tendencies or emotional problems that contribute to later antisocial behaviors. Once identified individualized plans and school wide programs can be implemented that modify behaviors early on. For the juveniles with established antisocial behaviors intervention is crucial and must include access to mentors or counselors that teach coping and life skills that not only provide alternative paths to handling negative behaviors but also empower the individual. At the community level, preventive measures such as community outreach programs that provide and support community events, gang awareness training, and liaison (Department of Justice, 2010) can empower residents to become actively involved in order to control the impact of gangs. For example, with the creation of neighborhood watches or hotlines that allow for anonymous calls to report activities. Lastly, amnesty programs for gang members could provide enough incentive for many individuals to leave the gang and turn a new leaf. For instance, voluntary participation and completion of programs aimed at providing education and job training would result in a relocation and the sealing of records that allows for a fresh
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