Social Groups And Stereotypes In The Breakfast Club

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Inside the movie The Breakfast Club it explores the different social groups and stereotypes within in them in a high school. In the movie five high school students have to sit through eight hours of detention each of the five students are different and fall into different cliques and social groups such as, “the princess”, “the athlete”, the brain”, the basket case”, and “the criminal”. Although they all seem very different because they don’t “fit in” with eachothers group they realize how they aren't really that much different at all. “A stereotype is a rigid, oversimplified, often exaggerated belief that is applied both to an entire social category of people and to each individual within it. Stereotypes form the basis for prejudice, which in turn is used to justify discrimination and attitudes. They can be positive as well as negative.” Stereotypes exist within any social group, and social group or cliques which are groups of people who share similar characteristics and interests such as the ones priorly said. “The princess” is a stereotype with a social group which would fall in my opinion into the popular girls social group. The stereotype fro them would be that they are these really attractive preppy girls, who think that the world revolves around them. The believe they are like princesses because everyone treats them like one. However, life after high school isn't like high school because they never work hard because everything is given to them, so they aren't

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