Social Health Care System Development

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Social Media- Health Care System Development Social media is an ever-growing digital, content-based communications based on the interactions enabled by a plethora of web technologies which facilitates interpersonal communication and networking more effectively. It helps people to share online text, pictures, videos and links. It is significantly useful to health care professionals, patients and public to share their knowledge, skills, preferences and ideas with others (Suby, 2013). Recent evidence shows that the use of social media increased among patients and health care providers (Antheunis, Tates, & Nieboer, 2013). Neil Seeman, Health Strategy Innovation Cell, said "I think that social media is absolutely in the spirit of the excellent care for all legislation in Ontario and similar quality legislation emerging around the world. It can be very beneficial to take the pulse of what patients are saying about what they want and need at any given moment in time" (Promise, 2011. p 7). As per the meeting of health ministers of Canada, they ought to think how they can use digital tools to give patients more autonomy over their own health ("Time,"2016). Social media contributes to positive effects on the development of health care system by strengthening professional as well as the personal relationship among health care providers, by creating public awareness about health related information and by assisting the health care professionals to maintain competency in their workplace
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