Social Identity In Interpersonal Communication

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In todays world any for he things that we use to indicate ourselves is where we grew up, what we do and how our parents raised us. This is how we formed our own social identities and how we show who we are to people who we just meet. Many people believe that social identity is what make she person who they are, but that is not the case in many situations. Many times people live by their social identities but that is not what they want there life to be based on.

May of peoples social identities are based off of the groups that they belong to and how they have lived their life. such s if you were a baseball player your whole your social identity is a baseball player. This is not something bad but there are times where people don't want and don't think that a baseball player is a social identity that they are defined by. This is a great way of showing how abstract social identity and how it fits into the work of interpersonal communication.

“Your identity is your vector; it is a path defined by what you do and why you do it. By indicating your direction, it helps you define your available options. Like an old-fashioned newspaper reporter, your identity helps you sharpen your answers to the 6 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and hoW.”

People do not define your path you define your path. People will stereotype you and try to add you in categories that you do not belong in. Many of these stereotypes are negative and go with the class that you may identity your self in
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