Social Identity vs Personal Identity

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In this paper I will discuss the differences and similarities between the two using three texts from June Jordan, Tim Wise, and Avery Gordon as well as give you my personal opinion about the topic. Social identity, in my opinion, is a bad thing as a whole because it doesn't take into account the experiences that any one person has, it just lumps them together. There are many factors that one needs to take into account when discussing these topics and I will try to explain them as best as I can. Social and personal Identity in today’s society is very much blurred, the individual person has his or her own identity that she relates to but when viewed as a whole in today's society people get lumped together with all the same “people” whether…show more content…
Because of this neither of them talks to each other and because of that they won’t truly understand each other’s personal identity. Another example of social vs. personal identity is when Jordan talk about the experience she had with a student she was teaching came to talk about her grade and in this the student exclaims that Jordan is really lucky in that she has a cause because of the history of African Americans with “poverty, Police violence, and Discrimination in general”(Jordan 215). Sure social identity of her race has given Jordan that label but what the she doesn't realize is that Jordan herself may not have experienced that kind of things even though it might be happening. Jordan is bound to her race, but that is not the only thing that defines her. A great example where personal identity can unite people of completely different class and race and come together and share something in common and in the article Jordan talks about how a black South American woman comes to her for help. Jordan then tries to find help and eventually comes across Cathy a young Irish woman who is willing to talk to Sokutu and once they meet Cathy gladly helps out with her problem of her alcoholic boyfriend. After they all talked Jordan says “I walked behind them, the young Irish woman and the young South African, and I saw them walking as sisters walk, hugging each other”(Jordan 222). These texts that I have talked about
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