Social Imagination: Difference Between Prostitution In Canada And Australia

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Social Imagination is the ability to understand how your own past relates to that of other people, as well as to history in general and social structures in particular. Basically it is a way of seeing our own and other people's behavior in relationship to history and social structure. Statistics show that at this given moment there are over 40 million prostitutes at work in the world. That is more than the populations of Canada and Australia. Prostitution is legal within 22 countries.

The difference between regular intercourse and prostitution is that the interactions in prostitution are not influenced by or involving personal feelings and have a reward system, like money and pleasure. The prostitutes look for pay back for providing specific services for the customer while the customer looks for sexual pleasure and closeness.
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Some examples of negative family environment for a prostitute include: violent home life, sexual abuse, runaways, and homelessness. Some examples of socioeconomic issues include: low self-esteem, drug use, poverty, and economic survival. An example of a social influence is if the prostitutes mother was a
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