Social Imagination

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Social Imagination and Same Sex marriage and society. To me social imagination is the ability to remove yourself from a given situation whether it affects your life or not personally and try to imagine the situation or conflict from a different perspective or more global view. It’s the personal aspect that affects our judgments, opinions and actions in a particular situation. Removal of the personal viewpoint gives us a much fairer and unbiased way to make a decision that is fair. Removing our past prejudices and mores we have grown up with can give us a total different way of looking at the world. One of the greatest issues today affecting many countries but seemingly most evident right now in the United States is same sex marriage.…show more content…
There was actually a landmark constitutional case, “Loving vs. Virgina” An interracial couple sued the state of Virginia as it was illegal at the time for interracial marriage and a couple was jailed for one year in Virginia for their marriage which was a violation of the Racial Integrity act of 1924. The Supreme court ruled this unconstitutional and ended all restriction on marriage according to race. That decision is now widely being used as the guide for the court on the Same Sex Marriage issues of DOMA and proposition 8. It was decided earlier the the freedom to marry is one of the basic civil rights of free men. The social opinions have changed so rapidly in regard to Same Sex Marriage. The country is now at 55% pro to 40% against voting that same sexed couple should be allowed to marry as compared to 1996 when the percentages were only 27% pro. This is extremely rapid social change for a country in 7 years. The way social imagination helps us to resolve issues like this is to remove our personal beliefs totally and be “outside” the issue. Not look at how this could affect us personally. Look at the individuals involved and remove our prejudices and try to imagine the situation in another form than we are familiar with. We will come to a decision totally different than one made with past opinions and bias and reach one with fairness to
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