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The story of an hour, is about Louisise Mallard, a women with heart trouble that learned her husband died in a railroad disaster. Lousise sister, Josephine, did not tell Mrs.Mallard straightforward that he was dead, but instead veiled hints. Mrs. Mallard husband friend Richard, was one of the first to know, but wanted to make sure it was true before breaking the news. Once Richard found out that it was true, he still did not want to tell Mrs. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard immediately started crying, but then was bumrushed with the emotion of being free. Her freedom of an hour ended when her husband walked through the door. Mrs. Mallard was in so in shock that her heart ended up giving her trouble and she dies. According to Online Philosphy…show more content…
According to the story of an hour, Mrs. Mallard could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life. It was clear that she was set free and was excited about her new life that was awaiting. Louise had a lot of mixed emotions going on. She felt alone that she do not have her husband to share the upcoming years with, but only because she was use to living in his shadow. There was a moment when Josephine came to the door and insisted that Mrs. Mallard open the door. Josephine was feeling that her sister could not on without her husband, and would harm herself. Josephine was unaware that her sister was soaking it all on that she was “Free Free Free”. When Louise opened the door for her sister she immediately went back into a grieving stage. It was apparent that she was overreacting in front of her, but behind closed doors, she was celebrating. When Mrs. Mallard realizes that her husband was alive, she died of shock. Louise refused to go back to misery. She had high hopes for her new life and for it to be snatched away so abruptly was so painful that could not live on. The story of an hour, was a journey full of emotions, that took over Lousise life. Her heart was in sp much pain that her heart failed. When Louise received the bad news that her husband had passed away, it was expected that she would go through the stages of death
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