Social Impact Of The Industrial Revolution In The Late 19th Century

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During the late 19th century, the second industrial revolution began as a result of the economic growth after the Civil War. The rapid increase in population from European immigration provided a new cheap source of labor, and developments in technology changed how items were manufactured. Large business corporations and monopolies also emerged and contributed to substantial economic and industrial growth. As more people flooded to into the cities to work in factories, geographic mobility transformed to allow easier transportation from the countryside. Educational and environmental reforms worked to better living conditions, and new forms of entertainment emerged. Overall, many American lives changed to fit the new society. Social classes and movements became a distinctive part of everyday life. The industrial revolution of the late 19th century drastically altered the lives of Americans as it increased the gap between the rich and the poor, emphasized literature, and led to greater consumerism. The upper class of the late 19th century became more and more wealthy through increased production of goods and the rise of large corporations. As their wealth increased, they began to experience “a new realm of luxury and extravagance (Lobley).” The rich were able to live in large multi-roomed mansions decorated with ornate furniture and fine art, as depicted in the image of the Lowery house. Even the rapidly emerging middle class began living in houses with multiple rooms and heavy
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