Social Impact of Festivals and Special Events on Community

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Social Impact of Festivals and Special Events on Community Introduction If one drives through any street of the city, somewhere or the other, they would definitely find couple of people celebrating something and rejoicing. This celebration is in the form of festivals or special events that gather a number of people under one roof to have a good time. Festivals and special events have always been an integral part of the community that they tend to celebrate with joy and contentment. In fact, as the world has penetrated into the global economic and social competition in the modern times, it has made significant for the cities and communities to express and surface their values and signs that form their personality and present them as a member of a certain community (Allen, O'Toole, Harris & McDonnell, 2012). Community festivals and special events are the types of occasions that are traditionally organized and celebrated by the local community, thus it has a strong connection to the host community. In addition, the community festivals are often conducted and celebrated on the themes that has emerged and materialized within the community itself. Festivals and special events are few of the eminent ways that assembles a huge population of the community collectively and mutually. This is a wide platform for the common people to build, enhance and strengthen their social connections and networks within the community (Allen, O'Toole, Harris & McDonnell, 2012). Festivals and
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