Social Impact of Technology

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Community and Family Studies HSC COURSE Social Impact of Technology Assessment Task Annalise Wood Due: Friday 17 August, 2012 ‘Technology has positive and negative effects on the satisfaction of individual needs.’Discuss the statement using examples to illustrate your answer. Technology is the study, development and application of devices, machines and techniques to manufacturing and productive processes. Technology is developed in response to a human want or need. The acceptance of technology is determined by how well it satisfies people’s needs and how the technology impacts on health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Technological advancement could be: * Tools, gadgets, hardware; for example:- mobile phones, MP3 players, webcams; *…show more content…
For example, language or verbal prompts on a visual display screen that are displayed in the native language of the user will allow the person to fully access the service provided. * Education Students who are geographically isolated can now access education and information immediately and can also communicate directly with teachers and tutors. * Economic status The acquisition of technology is often not a high priority for people in low socioeconomic groups. The priority for people in these groups may be housing, food and health care. The provision of public internet access through libraries and internet cafes has assisted people access the internet. * Geographical Recently the development of communication services to remote areas has allowed individuals, groups and businesses to access facilities and services. The development of internet facilities in public schools and libraries has reduced the impact of geographical isolation. * Gender Traditionally women have filled the role of carers in the home and their ability to participate in the workplace has been restricted. The development of the internet has allowed women to connect with service providers and participate in the workforce from home. * Disability People with a disability can improve their wellbeing by using technology such as the internet to connect to services, contact people and organisations and develop their interests and
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