Social Impacts Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was caused from multiple issues in the way Great Britain forced the colonies to live under the Kings rule and not their own colonial government. The colonist came over to the “new world” in search of freedom and new beginnings. It created the beginning of the United States of America. It changed a lot of people’s lives and the way they live. The Revolution influenced the lives of women in America. During this period of time women were inferior of men. Women were not recognized by the law to have independence in economic, political, or civic matters. Women who strived for a role in politics faced harsh legal and ideological obstacles. The ideology of republicanism argued that the traits of independence, aptitude, physical strength, and bravery were masculine. Many women participated in the protests and boycotts leading up to the Revolutionary War. During the war, the women took over the male’s role in the family and around the house for example manage the farms and businesses. After the war, women were able to participate in numerous things such as walk in parades, attend congress sessions, participate in political rallies, and petition legislation. By the end of the eighteenth century, politics had little room for women to express their views. Women took advantage of better educational opportunities and found ways to influence the public on their political rights. Many women came out of the revolution with a political importance and a sense of
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