Social Impacts Of World War 2

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Social and economic impacts of World War 2 World War 2 is a war that was fought globally between the years 1939 to 1945. The war mainly involved all the great powers of the world. They ended up forming 2 military alliances that opposed each other. The alliances were the Axis and allies. The World War 2 included several people adding up to 100 million. The war can said to be one of the most deadly wars as it claimed several lives (Zabecki 76). Dangerous weapons were used such as nuclear weapons. Bombing of industrial areas and population centres led to the death of millions of people. The aftermath results of World War 2 were complex political era, cultural, social and economic impact in the world. The war symbolized the decline of great super powers and the rise of a rift between United States of America (US) and the Soviet Union (USSR). This essay is going to mainly concentrate on two major impacts which will be social and economic impact. Social Impact Lose of lives and displacement of homes…show more content…
The war involved the use of deadly weapons such as the 2 nuclear weapons that were used. This led to death of millions of children and women. Also, several soldier involved in the war across over 30 countries lost their lives (Black 61). Apart from the loss of lives of millions, the war left some who survived homeless. The industrial structure is most European countries had been destroyed leading to a collapse of the European economy. High rates of poverty After the war, the regions that were involved found themselves being in financial constraint. This is because they had used all their resources in purchasing the war weapons. As a result, the spending by the government of the day during that time exceeded the country’s income. This meant poverty to the country and its citizens. Also, the rate of unemployment among citizens was rampant leading to widespread poverty. High rate of
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