Social Impacts of Computers to Today's World

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Modern life is virtually dependent on computers and these points to the huge impacts computers have on modern life. Computers are used in many different areas such as in business, design, medicine, military amongst other a multifunctional roles. One of the greatest leaps in development of human beings has been because of the widespread usage of computers. In fact, the computer is the single greatest piece of technology in the 20th century and as such, they have been associated with certain social impacts. Modern life has borne the brunt of the benefits and negative impacts the usage of computers have impacted the world. The social impacts have been magnanimous across a variety of aspects such as; health, communication, social…show more content…
Huge strides are being developed in personal computing to address privacy issues; one of the major developments is the advances in biometrics- this ensures that biological features are used when accessing personal information. Fingerprints and the iris will be used to access personal computers and thus address privacy issues.
Impacts on Learning and Academics
Computer has revolutionized learning, in the past students spends a lot of time combing through manual catalogue of books looking for their preferred choice. However, these books are available at the click of a button once a search has been initiated. One can therefore assert that the computer has increased the mental capacity of students, as they are able to access a lot of information within a very short time. Therefore, comparatively students who access computers are knowledgeable than their counterparts who do not have access to computers. Word processing applications have enabled neat and well presentation of academic works, thus generally improving on the academic status of students. The computer has provided a platform enabling easier accessibility of a wealth of information; as a result, physical movements to the libraries have been reduced. Online dictionaries and databases of organizations and institutions provide options to students, staffs and the public to easily access information.
The major drawback associated

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