Social Implications and Consequences of the Hebrew Diaspora

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The first main point is social implications or what does everyone think. The second main point is the consequences in the Hebrew diaspora and the last point is the benefits of the Hebrew diaspora.
When I chose my question I had to choose something that was interesting to me. Now not too many things interest me but I was able to find something that helped. History has shown us a lot of things and also teaches a lot. When I entered world history there was only so much I knew and all the questions that I could choose from weren’t really interesting. For some reason I like to learn about Jewish people and what happened to them over history. As you know the holocaust really set them back. I do not like the holocaust but I enjoy learning about what happened. Since I enjoy learning about it. I chose a question relating to that sort of topic but it is not exactly that topic. It focuses more on the people and what they did afterwards and even during it. I am personally not Jewish o Hebrew but I think that what happened to them hurt us all. When you look history it almost like a series of events that show our mistakes and accomplishments. Knowing this everything that we do will go down in history as a mistake or accomplishment. Knowing this we are setting a guideline to the future generations so they don’t repeat our mistake and so they can learn from them and help earth. Writing this essay is…
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