Social Importances And Social Influences On Behavior

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Social Influences on Behaviour 1.1 Jamie had a good upbringing he came from a loving family home, he had a good social life growing up even if it was in a bad street. Family was important to Jamie he grew up with a big family he was the middle child out of 6. When Jamie was in school he hardly went to school so he wasn’t very educated, when he was in school he never focused in school and he left school when he was 17 without any education and qualifications. With Jamie losing 2 people in his family at a young age, Jamie was lost when he lost his father and sister. Jamie did have the best upbringing when he was younger, always out with friends and when the family lost 2 people he stop going out with friends and started drinking and taking drugs. 1.2 Jamie refused any help from family members when he was diagnosed with cancer and got his voice box removed at 35, when he had throat cancer all his family have disowned him his children don’t want anything to do with him anymore. When he drinks and smokes he gets angry at everyone, and doesn’t want the help he checks himself out of the hospital every time he is in there. The way that this has affected him when his father and his sister died when he was in his 20’s, now that he has been taking drugs and smoking he has been labelled as a “Junkie” and all he cares about now is where he gets his next drugs. Now that Jamie has got his voice box out and got cleared from the cancer he never stayed cleaned after the operation, and he
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