Social Inequalities a Pretty Womans Perspective

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A Pretty Woman’s Inequality

In the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts portrays a hooker struggling in Los Angeles. Richard Gere plays a very successful businessman. They cross paths when Edward (Richard Gere) gets lost while driving around and Vivian (Julia Roberts) is having a “slow” night on the corner. Edward asks Vivian for directions, and Vivian agrees for five dollars. She takes Edward back to his hotel where he asks her join him for the evening. The next morning, Edward makes a business proposition with Vivian, and pays her for a week to be at his “beck and call.” As the week progresses the two learn a lot about each other and the people the surround themselves with. In the end, they fall in love. Through out the whole
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Throughout the film, inequalities between the classes show. Even towards the end when Edward and Vivian are about to part ways. He tells her about buying her an apartment and how she can go shopping whenever she wants to. Its as if he looks at her like a charity case. When Vivian goes shopping for the first time, she goes to a store and the sales associates are very rude and standoffish. They immediately judge her on her appearance and they ask her to leave. Once Vivian becomes more acclimated to the lifestyle, she returns to the store. Since she looks completely different the same woman does not even recognize her and immediately starts to try and wait on her. During the movie, Stuckey attempts to have sex with Vivian in the hotel room. However, Edward walks in, just at the right moment, and fights Stuckey off of Vivian. Even though Vivian is clearly bigger than Stuckey, Edward still has to come to the rescue and defend her. She is a hooker in Los Angeles, she can hold her own. But in this scene she all of a sudden becomes helpless. This is ridiculous; in Vivian’s line of business she must have had discrepancies like this happen. But now that she has Edward, he does everything for her and protects her from all things evil. The second he comes around she becomes completely hopeless. Dramatization makes great films and makes a lot of money. Directors will do anything to make money. The playwright will put racial slurs or derogatory
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