Social Inequality And Health Essay

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Social Inequalities Among Adolescents and the Effect on Their Health Specific Aims The purpose of this study is to examine if childhood socioeconomic position (SEP) affects the health of the adolescents. Socioeconomic position is the social class of an individual based on education and income level (American Psychological Association, 2016). SEP effects health, psychologically and physically. Lower SEP is the cause of negative psychological and physical health results. Low SEP affects children and adolescents the most. Lack of access to health care, poor housing, interpersonal violence, and food insecurity affects an individual’s health and are related to increases in hospitalizations of adolescents, emergency room visits, and non-adherence…show more content…
The theoretical framework guiding this study is the lifecourse theory. Life course theory aims to explain in detail the social inequalities and the effects that have on individuals as they go through different stages in life (Kreatsoulas et al, 2015). This theoretical framework is useful for this study because it is used to examine health inequalities in certain populations for a period of time. It is also used to examine the relationship between adolescents and the socioeconomic conditions in which they…show more content…
Parental health describes the effect parent's health have on adolescent health through many channels such as poor diet history, substance use history, and exercise history. Early health challenges are the early life disadvantages that affect the health of the adolescents such as birth weight history, physical abuse history, disability history, age, gender, and education level. Childhood socioeconomic positions such as educational level, income, and family structure are the economic and sociological status of adolescents which can have effects on their health. Adolescent health behaviors are behaviors portrayed by the adolescent due to childhood socioeconomic positions, early health challenges and parental
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