Social Inequality And Stereotyping Cultures From Political Power

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EDUC1708 Research Essay Due: 25 August 2014
By: Kody Williamson (s4350274)
Tutor: Dr Joy Kennedy

Youdell (2012) argues that the singular and "one-off" multicultural events reproduce majority/minority, Same/Other relations in their 'display ' of minoritises cultures for the appreciation of or consumption by the majority. (p 153) This essay will look into the argument of how the one off multicultural events can be seen as racist, fostering social-inequality and stereotyping cultures from political power. It will also outline how educators with the right strategies and planning can foster valuable cultural experiences and cultivate socio-equality with their students and their school communities.
Multicultural education is the term used most frequently in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, with the term 'intercultural education ' frequently used on the European continent. 'Intercultural Education ' implies an education that promotes interaction among different cultures and 'Multicultural Education ' is more descriptive and aimed at tolerance rather than dialogue between different cultural groups (Reynolds, 2012). Some schools try implement multicultural events or diversity events in attempt to celebrate or exemplify many different cultures and nationalities that exist, and there is much debate about how these events are often considered tokenistic.
In education, there is a need to teach universal overriding principals that transcend cultural…
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