Social Inequality Breaks the Meaning of the Constitution

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Social inequality limited the growth of the United States in many ways such as breaking what the constitution stood for independence which did not apply to African Americans because the prominent race which was white. However congress started to go against this inequality and stood for equality. The phrase Jim Crow came along in the 1880 which was the same time that the Supreme Court had tried and failed to eliminate the Poll taxes which was also known as the grandfather clause, even though the laws undermined all federal protections for African American’s civil rights. At the same time that African Americans lost voting rights, southern states passed racial segregation laws to separate people of the opposite race in public and private…show more content…
In 1881-1964, Jim Crow laws separated Americans by race in 26 states. The most common type of segregation was De Jure segregation which was the legal separation of Americans by race. There was another type which was named de facto segregation which separated people based on customs and beliefs. This type of segregation was much harder to fight than De Jure Segregation because eliminating it would require changing people’s attitudes rather than repealing the law. The rule of law imposed penalties and punishments on people who broke the statutes and ordinances mandating segregation. Separate Car Law was a law passed by the Louisiana State Legislature in 1890 which required "equal, but separate" train car accommodations for Blacks and Whites. The civil rights act of 1785 tried to abolish this. Civil war abolished slavery but brought white supremacy. In 1964, congress outlawed all
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