Social Inequality

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Civil liberty and social inequality have been some of the most protested and talked about subject, even before the civil rights movement that began in the mid-50s. Many different people find the courage to bring these injustices to light and speak out against the subject, creating a more equal and truly bringing justice to all, no matter race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Whether it be through a peaceful protest or moving speech, courageous minorities help resolve civil issues within America and demand change. Civil liberty issues have been, and still is being, resolved through vocal advocates willing to protest and use the first amendment to speak out against discrimination and unfair treatment towards minorities. Without the freedom of speech, civil injustices would never be brought to light and resolved. The first amendment is the biggest reason that America has been so successful in creating civil justice and insuring that America lives up to its promise of freedom. Without this right and people willing to use it and become the face of a movement, social inequalities would still be around. This is proven through Susan B. Anthony and her women’s suffrage movement that transformed America and gave women the right to vote. She utilized her right to free speech in order to grant her another right, to vote. Her speech in 1873 brought injustice to light as she quoted the constitution to prove that the inequality of women was a “violation of the supreme law.” Her right to
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