Social Inequality In Public Schools: Article Analysis

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As the years progress there is always something that leads to social changes which ultimately create potential effects on social inequality. When the norms of a society change, often times there is something that may either help or hinder such social changes. Such changes may take different forms, and either help society as a whole, or tear it apart, ending culture. One of the contributors to such changes is the government's involvement and the uprising of technology. Stanley Eitzen in The Atrophy of Social Life (2004), along with Ann Arnett Ferguson in Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity (2000), Lillian B. Rubin in Sand Castles and Snake Pits (2007), and A. J. Cherlin in The Deinstitutionalization of American Marriage…show more content…
There are large social inequalities when it comes to the educational system, where the government funding shifts depending on where the school is situated. Large cities often get high quality materials and take up much of the government spendings, whereas smaller communities are very scarce on materials, and the safety of students is almost low to none. In Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity (2000), Ann Arnett Ferguson describes how the lack of government funding creates a school where the expectation of graduating high school for black males is much lower than the expectation of them dropping out or ending up in after finishing high school or before. She also states that the educational system is “flawed whose goal for urban black children seem to be the creation of “a citizenry which will simply obey the rules of society,” (2000:584). This creates problems where race becomes an impediment and such expectation of teenager,m mainly black male teenagers drive them to commit such acts that make them resemble delinquents and essentially putting an impediment on their dreams and aspirations, creating this terrible…show more content…
As technology rises, there is no longer a need to step outside and communicate with others due to social media making it possible for people to communicate with ease. This lack of human interactions creates the sense of needing to be alone, and in the long run, trying to remain an individual and straying from any form of relationships. With these new types of social changes, children are the ones who are ultimately impacted due to having each parent living separated, or not developing any sort of affection towards one another. Another contributor to the social inequalities that exist is the lack of government funding, or funding too much and not being able to complete their tasks. In the educational system, there are disparities of government fundings due to the areas in which a school is located in, and the lack of credibility towards children. Students are often judged based on race, creating an expectation of them which lead them to end up the manner they were presumed to be. In the case of homelessness, the government began its funding to help these people, but when situations arise, they drop such fundings, leaving these people far worse than they were to begin with. Despite the government creating residencies with payment suitable for the average person, there are still those who are unable to afford anything for themselves. Today there
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