Social Inequality In The Wire

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The twelfth episode of The Wire showed Stringer Bell collecting the pagers from the crew down in the pit and informing them that if they need to talk to someone, to do it in person. He gives Bodie and D’Angelo cell phones and three numbers to memorize and those are the only way to get ahold of people to schedule a meeting time. After Avon and Stringer met with their lawyer, they started to move out of Orlando’s club because they believe that Orlando told the police about the involvement that the club had with the gang. Stringer then tells Avon to distance himself from the gang and anything he needs done or told, he will do it. McNulty still feels really guilty for getting Greggs shot and is found at the hospital drunk. He is forced to go to…show more content…
It talks about racial inequality and how over time it has changed. It explains how women are discriminated against and what they did to make it different and also feminism. Another major topic throughout this chapter was black lives matter. All of these social matters explained how they have changed and also some are still changing today. Chapter 14 was about social mobility and status attainment. It talks about how there hasn't been much change in mobility in the United States lately but it is more upward than downward. Occupational mobility has seen a small decline overtime. Blacks and women are worse than white men when it comes to occupational mobility. For status attainment, blacks and women experience nonrational barriers that white males don't have to worry…show more content…
The teenage boy was not doing anything to deserve the beating and it made a lot of the black society mad for what happened. This is exactly why there is a movement called black lives matter. This movement talks about discrimination of African Americans by cops and other official people. The movement has become even more relevant as police shootings and violence against Blacks gain media attention” (Hurst 341). This event happening caused detective Roland to be assigned to the desk and he is not allowed in the field more. The police didn’t receive a lot of backlash from what happened because most people believed the cops when they said it was self defense. This has happened a lot lately, a few examples are Trayvon Martin, Freddy Gray, and many more. The blacks started this movement and are doing anything they can to stop it the discrimination that they say is

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