Social Inequality In Urban Schools

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Of particular interest during this week’s reading was the section on “Equity and Social Justice.” While education has developed drastically over the years, educational inequality has widened as well. Rury notes “ . . . school segregation has increased, and the problems of poor and minority children have grown more acute in communities across the country” (Rury 231). Often times, it can be deceptive when we are told that something is developing because people often link development with greatness, which isn’t the truth at all. It’s often suggested that these developments are consistent with neo-liberal policies, however they are also linked to changes in the larger economy. Students who suffer the most are often from relatively poor urban schools,…show more content…
It get’s interesting when we look into further detail on the educational inequality faced by some our of nation’s central cities. Rury talks about how evident this disparity is in these cities, where about one out of four students lived in 2000. He states “it was in these settings where poverty and deprivation became most concentred, affecting the schools directly . . . by the 1990’s, nearly a quarter of all children were born to single mothers” (Rury 232). It’s even more shocking that among African Americans, the numbers were even higher. Consequently, traditional forms of family life had been altered and the nuclear family that had once predominated would soon cease to exist. As a result of the deterioration of the nuclear family, consequences followed accordingly. Schools suffered the most, as “they rely upon families to provide supportive and secure settings for children as they learn” (Rury 232). It has been discovered that often times single parents have difficulty offering such support to their children, especially those who are impoverished. The vicious cycle that these families face need to be broken so that all children are allocated equal opportunities to grow and reach their full potential, rather be
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