Social Inequality Sociology

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In today's world, poverty is a common term used to describe over 20% of the population. In order to obtain a clear understanding on how poverty affects one's health, the term itself must be apprehensible. The precise definitional can be strongly controversial. Poverty is living with limited resources to provide the basic needs, and activities of daily living. Over the years, life expectancy has improved significantly in all social classes, but there are still health inequalities in the lower and working class. Members in a lower class have many disadvantages when it comes to staying healthy and living longer. Factors including work environment, lifestyles, behavior, physical and mental demands accumulate to one's value of life. An even more…show more content…
Between the upper and lower class there is a constant struggle for resources. In order for the upper class to maintain dominant, they exploit, or take advantage, of lower class workers. For example, a rich business owner consumes his wealth and power through his poorly treated workers. Therefore, the working class plays a significant role in providing power to the upper class. Social stratification categorizes people on a hierarchical scale based on their income, power, and status, thus, resulting in social inequality. During social inequality, the rich are privileged with wealth and resources, while the working class receives less than worthy treatment. According to conflict theorists, social stratification leads to instability and dysfunction in a society. In contrast, the functionalist theorists would argue that stratification is necessary to fill social roles and provide social stability. They state that the working class is able to achieve a higher status if unsatisfied with their own. Climbing up the class scale is not impossible, although growing up in poverty can play a major role in how one’s social status is developed. Children who grow up in poverty, are more likely to grow up and continue the same
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