Social Inequality Within a Society

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Social Inequality Within A Society

Throughout history, social classification has been a basis of economic and social stability. Social classification was introduced to even the predecessors of human civilization, the Mesopotamian civilization. But, due to natural flaws within the structure of the social classification system, this system concluded in becoming biased towards the upper class and unrighteous toward the lower class. Because social classification consistently had flaws which made the system more prejudiced to the lower class, throughout historical times, social classification primarily affected a society in a negative manner.
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Atticus Finch. Bob Ewell is extremely enraged because Dr. Atticus Finch fought against his sister, Mayella just to protect a “nigger.” This novel conveys a meaning of class struggle and its relative consequences. Because Atticus accepted to protect an innocent African – American man, he upset the entire Maycomb town and almost got assassinated. Multiple classic novels such as To Kill A Mockingbird, transmit an idea of social inequality, and class struggle to overcome the social inequality. They also communicate relative consequences for class struggle. One such novel which conveys a meaning of social inequality and a rigid class structure is the novel, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. In this novel, citizens are predestined to be in one class while in their embryonic stage. While the Alpha embryos are conditioned to excel in academics, the Epsilon embryos are poisoned with alcohol in order to diminish all forms of independent thought processes from their brains. Though the citizens of the Brave New World are in a constant state of confinement, they are educated to become and stay appeased with their servitude. Even though the lower classes in this novel are content with their position, this does not excuse the fact that the lower classes were conditioned to become satisfied with their servitude and that their free will was completely ignored. According to the character named Mustafa Mond in the novel, Brave New World, ‘“Liberty to be inefficient and
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