Social Influence Of Social Media

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Section I: social influence Social media is affecting the studies; it is a big social influence on the study in these days. There are different thoughts about the influence of the social media on studies, but this is a fact that this has a big influence on studies and the ways of studies. It is being argued that the social media has changed traditional and face to face teaching methods and introducing the distance learning. It is great influence social media that it is changing the traditional ways of teaching. Social media has different influences on the studying methodology. One big influence of social media is a modern way of teaching like the E learning and the distance learning, in which students can get the information from the internet with inline classes. This has changed the shape of the teaching methodology. (Yang, 2003) Some people argue that there are different negative impacts on the studies because the social media has included different things that are distracting the children from their studies. It is being argued that the social media is not impacting in the positive way on students socially. These negative effects can be different activities on internet and activities on social networking like the face book, twitting, chatting and many other things that are not useful for the children in their studies but causing a source of distraction for students. The students are spending their moist of time with these activities and sometimes they ignore the…
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