Social Influence from Authority in The Lottery by Chris Abani

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Social influence is the way individuals are influenced in their beliefs, feelings, and behaviors from others. Day after day we deal with infinite challenges by others to inspire us, and as such. Conformity is commonly observed as a method of inspiration, which followers of the crowd prepare actively to try to impact others. Individuals simply witness the activities of crowd associates and fine-tune their actions and/or thoughts accordingly. The use of fear is one of the main forms of influence to cause conformity; this is shown in “The Lottery” by Chris Abani. While in “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K LeGuin and, Firoozeh Dumas’s “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful” show how joy/happiness of others, have the ability to influences others. The pressures of social conformity push characters to make decisions regarding going against their personal beliefs that are in opposition to what is socially acceptable in Salem.
Individuals in “The Lottery” form to the community; since they fear that if they were to voice about what is being done to one individual could culminate upon them. This is shown when the man accused of stealing attempts to reach the sacred land of the elders and pleads for sanctuary, this is because their say is never questioned and has the highest say besides the civil system. One elder attempts to stands up for the man but is quickly silenced by boos and rotten fruit. No other elder attempts to defend the man and conform to that of the elder who feared

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