Social Influences On Social And Cultural Context

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In todays society, you can not turn on the tv or radio without hearing some type of denigrating remark. Unfortunately its the cause of all the social norms. Our nation has been brainwashed by so many factors. Such as tv, radio, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This topic reminds me a lot of a section in my psycology class “Behavior in Social and Cultural Context”. It talks about attributions within social influences, behavior, ethnic identity, and stereotypes. Which could not fit anymore perfectly with what is going on in the world today, and this topic.

“Imagine walking into a school getting ready to teach a siminar about discrimination. You see that the teachers have already grouped themselves by ethnicity. How would approach this? What would you do to get your point across to the audience?” this example from the book really hit me.
Once I started thinking about the statement and the questions that followed, I couldn 't help but think strictly of racism and sexism out of all the isms. I thought of this video I saw on Facebook. The video started off with two babies, one black one white. They were happy and playing. They didn 't see the other as white or black, they just saw a little human like them. The video went on and talked about how babies are innocent, and hoe we all started off innocent. As we grew, The ones around us influenced us, to think that whatever race or sex we were, one was better than another. We were trained to have the same mind thought as the
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