Social Influences on Behavior

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Social Influences on Behavior There are many social influences which have an effect or lasting effect on the behavior of an individual. Within many group scenarios, conformity and obedience play a large role in how people tend to think and behave, especially if they get carried away. Obedience refers to compliance to an authority figure or with others in a group. On the other hand, conformity refers to an individual changing their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors to accommodate with the standards of a group or their peers. Both of which are pure examples of how human behavior changes based on certain social situations. Obedience and conformity both occur during situations of social facilitation, social loafing, and groupthink. Influence…show more content…
Social facilitation may also occur in acts of conformity when an individual changes their thoughts or behaviors because they feel pressure from the group to do so. A consequence of this involves the individual performance to be hindered. As people compete with others, they will often try harder, but the quality of their work will frequently suffer. “Many psychological theories propose that people are motivated by their expectations about what they can do as well as by their expectations about the likely consequences of their actions.” (Sanna, 1992). In situations of social loafing, the occurrence of conformity happens when individuals display less effort because they are working in a group. They may see others putting in less effort, so they tend to do the same. However, in groupthink situations there is often an occurrence of both obedience and conformity. As individuals work in a group scenario, they will choose not to express their concerns for the direction of the group, along with the dynamics and decisions of others. They may feel as though they are being disobedient by speaking up against others, or that they need to conform to the ideas of others. A major consequence of both obedience and conformity occur in the development of co-dependence problems within an individual. They feel as though they need to rely on others to determine how
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