Social Injustice In America

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Social Injustice in America Racism didn’t just happen today it started back in 1619. “The Dutch people were the first to induct the first African American slave in Jamestown, Virginia.” ( Slavery had to be the most degrading period for African’s who were purchased by American’s. The way the African race was treated could have broken the soul of a man. During this period of control slaves were told and showed that their lives meant nothing to White American’s. Slaves were treated worst than dogs. People of the African decent were as followed: overworked, beaten, raped, lynched, separated from family members, denied education, homeownership and voting rights until the laws changed in. They were still required to honor and respect White American’s. At this point in time the African decent was never looked as being a human race or respected as one. There have been social injustice rallies across American and Laws being passed. However, some mindsets of American’s have not changed in today’s world. It is the same as it was back in 1619. Even with the Law’s stating that you cannot discriminate in America, it is still active and practiced today. Many White Americans still believe that they are above and beyond other races. So racial injustices haven’t changed since 1619. It was just given masks to hide under in 2017. A mask to say the black man was shot because the Police feared for his life when Police intended on kill him. Some people have set out
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