Social Injustice : The Interplay Of The Lgbt Community, Hate Crimes And The Us

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Social Injustice: the interplay of the LGBT community, hate crimes and the US On June 4, 2011, Cece Mcdonald lost the freedom to securely be herself. Cece Mcdonald was a young trans-woman who was walking with her friends past a tavern in Minneapolis when suddenly, a group of people started to barrage them with insults. One man insulted Cece directly by saying, “"look at that boy dressed like a girl tucking her dick in.” The group of friends attempted to walk away, but before they got away, CeCe was physically assaulted with a glass of alcohol and a fight quickly began. Cece attempted to run away, but was quickly followed by the man who had insulted her earlier, Dean Schmitz. Cece turned around and in what she claimed was self-defense, stabbed Dean with a pair of scissors. Following that, the police arrived and Cece was arrested and later, since Dean had died, charged with second-degree murder. After the situation was investigated, there was a subsequent trial and Cece was forced to accept a plea deal that would give her 41 months in prison to avoid a longer sentence, given that she recanted her claim of self-defense. When the trial had concluded, Cece was put into a men’s prison, a dangerous place for trans-women to be committed, for 19 months before being released. Cece’s assault was one of thousands of hate crimes (violence towards a person based on race, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, etc.) that were committed in 2011 - of which about

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