Social Injustice Was Rampant During Amos 's Time

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Social injustice was rampant during Amos’s time. Not only within Israel/Judah, but also in the foreign kingdoms around them. We are first introduced to the sins of Israel’s neighbors in Amos chapters 1 and 2, which the Lord has found unfavorable which include; crushing Gilead in a cruel manner ( Amos,1:3 New International Version), selling communities into slavery (Amos 1:6, 1:9), murdering their brothers, killing women and their babies (Amos 1:11, 1:13), and burning the bones of others (Amos 2:1). Then we are introduced to the sins of Israel and Judah which include; forgetting the law (Amos 2:4), worshipping other gods (Amos 2:4), selling people into slavery (Amos 2:6), treat those under them cruelly (Amos 2:7), and women being shared between father and son (Amos 2:7) When you look at these two lists it is painfully evident to see that God 's people were very similar to those around them. Already they were becoming a lot like those around them, failing to keep themselves pure and separate. When we look at these things that the Lord is finding issue with, we can see just how many have to do with how they are treating those around them. By showing his disapproval of these actions, God is showing us His heart on these matters. We can see that God not only cares about what His people are doing but How His people are treating those around them and the way that it reflects Him and what it says about His relationship between them and Him. This speaks to the fact that God wanted

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