Social Institutions Essay

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The Military Social Institution is one of the three Primary Social Institutions. The military was initially established to help protect, as well as unify a country, but since it’s development, it’s done so plus more. The Military as a social institution has led to domination and conquering of sorts, while trying to balance morals and justifications. Since the military is run by the government, it can be assumed that not only does this institution try to control and rationalize, but also continue to boil over into much of the other institutions. The Economic Social Institution is another one of the three Primary Institutions. The hold that the economy plays on a societies life is overwhelming to say the least. With the Economy being one…show more content…
Much of what we live for is that very lifestyle, and much of our dedication is to have a “Family”. That is why in our society, we see billboards advertising vacations with “The Family”, or certain cars that the whole “Family” will enjoy. The Families place within the social structure is there due to involvement in our everyday life, and the experiences we sometimes take for granted. The Educational Social Institution is a Secondary Social Institution. Education in our society is mandatory in order for growth and understanding. When looking at education and society from a distance, you can see the correlation between the two. As a particular society grows, you will notice the intellect grow, or vice versa. Society is always in need of wealth and maturity, but without the education through learning and teaching, there would be a standstill or decline in both the two. We seem to forget how much we (society) can build upon ourselves, by educating each other. Every institution relies on each other; therefore the Political Institution would be in serious trouble if it weren’t for education being one of main priorities and reforms. That is a good example of how much society as a whole depends on the further education of our its people. The Religion Institution is a Secondary Institution. Religion has always had a high place within society, seeing as how much of the world fights just for the ability to pray. As the Religious
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