Social Institutions: Health Care Essay

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Social Institutions: Health Care Heather Richardson SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology Dr. Christine Nortz Social Institutions: Health Care America has a highly developed health care system, which is available to all people. Although it can be a very complex and trying subject, it has come a long way from the health care systems of yesterday. Most health care facilities of yesterday, the sick were housed and cared for until death. Doctors rarely practiced in the hospital setting and only those that were fortunate could afford health care in the home setting. Today, the level of health care has excelled tremendously. Sociologists have been a key to the ongoing research in the health care system. In researching the scientific …show more content…
The Interactionists views everyone as an “actor” forsay, which play an active role. They are also similar in saying that the health care system is for the common good. They study different aspects of the system to try and improve for the future. The conflict and the interactionists hold many similarites. The conflict looks for the inequality and tension within the system. The interactionist can help by noting the specific relationship one may have with their physiscian and note that the physician does not care for their patient adequetly. Although they are all in it for the improvement, they are also very differet. While a functionalist looks to see the person as a working part of a system and if they are ill, they could possibly fail the system, the conflict theory says that the health care system is the one to blame. The more neutral of the theories, the interactionist just looks at the patient and physician relationsip. They all look at different aspects of the system. With the conflict theory, the health care system is under a constant miscroscope. If the goal is to point out inequality and tension within a system, then someone will be pointed out in the end. It is claimed by the conflict theorist that the health care system has caused medicalization to society. The health care system has a social control. Because medicine has become so advacned, it has become difficult for the non-health care field to get directly involved in treatment. That
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