Social Institutions and Organized Crime Essay

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Social Institutions and Organized Crime
Paul Blakey
University of Phoenix
CJA 384
30 January 2013

Social Institutions and Organized Crime Social Institutions are groups of people who have come together for a common purpose. These institutions have formed a common bond. They have done research and have concluded by joining they can achieve more. Some of the social institutions in the local community are the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Cub Scouts, the Girl Scouts. There are generally five different types of social institutions. They are political, educational, religious, economic, and family. Each is filled with members of a common goal. Organized crime organizations have adopted the philosophy of social institutions. They
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One of those is the alien conspiracy theory. The alien conspiracy theory suggests the reasons for criminal actions are because of outside influences. It proclaims that criminals have moved to the United States and started a criminal organization here (Rogers, 2011). This theory is supported by the movie makers in America. Most movies on organized crime portray the leaders of the organization as foreigners. They walk, dress, and act a certain way. The alien conspiracy theory posits that organized crime gained prominence in the 1860s in Sicily and that Sicilian immigrants are responsible for the foundations of U.S. organized crime, which is made up of 25 or so Italian-dominated crime families. Also known as the La Cosa Nostra, the families are composed of wise guys or made men and number about 1700 members (Lyman & Potter, 2007). This theory also suggests strong family bonds. Because each member is of the same nationality it is easier to influence him to join the organization. This is prevalent in organized crime. If one family member is a part of the organization, the outside influence and loyalty may be enough to coerce others into the business. Another theory applicable to criminal behavior is the rational choice theory. This theory occurs when people choose to commit a crime after weighing the benefits and consequences of the action. Examples of this theory include a man who discovers

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