Social Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence

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High school is the time in a students’ life where learning how to understand others emotions is key to their education. Learning how others emotions can influence their own and how to respond to it can have a positive influence on their psyche and teaches how to be socially aware of how their emotions can be interpreted. They need to have the capacity to discern and respond appropriately to others emotions. To ensure this possibility, the teachers need to be competent in this area. High school teachers should exhibit social intelligence and emotional intelligence to ensure students are self-aware of one’s emotional state and others. Social intelligence is a combination of social awareness and social facility. Social awareness involves…show more content…
Self-presentation is basically presenting ourselves in ways that make a good impression. Teachers usually need to make a good first impression in front of their students because it usually sets how the students will treat them throughout the course of the year. By being socially intelligent, the teacher can get a read on their crowd so they can respond accordingly. Charisma is one aspect of self-presentation that peaks in effective speaking. Women are usually more emotionally expressive than men, but are often constrained by the norms of the workplace where crying and being angry can be a no-no. An exception to the anger rule is the boss. It may not seem out of place when it comes from the boss because they are in a position of leadership and may be unsatisfied with their team. Influence is shaping the outcome of social situations. Skillful and subtle use of acknowledged power like the very best police officers. Concern is for those most susceptible to emotional contagiousness are those most moved to help others, and act on it. Concern becomes potent when harnessed to high road abilities. Concern is at the root of the helping professions such as medicine and social work, who thrive when concern waxes, but burn out as it wanes (Gardner 177). Manipulative people
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